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Our custom-made aluminum signs are strong, lightweight, and among the most durable of all sign materials. With their smooth and glossy baked-on enamel finish, aluminum signs are a professional and attractive finish to any location, both indoors and out. Aluminum signs cannot rot or deteriorate as wooden signs can. They can easily be mounted to a wall, or can be made to specifically fit into a sturdy angle iron step stake, effortlessly moved from one location to another. Aluminum signs can be used both indoors and out and when mounted on a wall, flexibility of the sign is never a problem. Aluminum signs are extremely durable in high-traffic, wet, and heavy equipment areas. Aluminum signage is available in three grades: standard being .040" gauge for real estate yard signs, and wall signs, as well as .080 gauge thick aluminum that will hold up well in heavy-duty locations.

The uses of aluminum signs are varied. The following types of signs are commonly used with aluminum:

  • Real Estate Signs
  • Contractor Signs
  • Marine Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Exterior and Interior Wall Signs
  • Gate Signs
  • Signs on Fences
  • Anywhere a durable and attractive sign material is desired
THICKNESS 1 SIDED (1-2 Color) 2 SIDED (1-2 Color) 1 SIDED (3 Color) 2 SIDED (3 Color)
6" x 18" SC
6" x 24" SC
12" x 18" RC
18" x 24" SC
12" x 18" RC
18" x 24" RC

RC = Rounded Corners | SC = Square Corners

  • First two vinyl colors included
  • Custom size? Just name it…we can do it. See complete price list.


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